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All about Me!

Hi Loves, I'm Ava Madison welcome to my website. Here I will be talking about Fashion, Photography, Food, Beauty, Music, what's going on in the world of fashion and media, and Lifestyle. I'm so excited to share my love of all of these topics with you babes. Down below are a few fun facts about me!

Facts about Ava M:

1.I am 14 years old

2. I will be a Freshmen in high school, this upcoming school year

3. My mom is not only my best friend, she's my stylist, Insta: @TracyDesignMyLife

4. I Love photography and I was on my school's yearbook staff when I was in 8th grade

5.I have a love for the performing arts, and I'm in the advanced theather class at my high school

6.Clueless, 13 going on 30, confessions of a shopaholic, Men perfer blondes, La La La Land, and Confessions of a teenage drama queen are some of my favorite movies just to name a few.

7. My favorite bands include of No Doubt and Paramore

8. I'm feeling 14 and Fabulous

9. I'm pretty sure my first word as a baby was shoe ( Fashion is my passion)

10. My website is pronounced Ava-M-Oh-So-Chic

11. I am thrilled to be sharing my world of Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle with all of you babes!


Picture: Via Instagram @avamohsochic

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