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There's a first for everything ;)

There's a first time for everything. First kiss, first boyfriend, first dates, first day's of work or school, or the the first day of the rest of your life with someone. In this case it was my first time eating the California natives delish burger at In-N-Out. I have to say the burger was super, the fries were scrumptious, but the strawberry shake was to die for! A creamy, pink, cool, drink, crisp enough to send chills down your spine. To get the full experience I ate inside the cute burger joint that gave off major 50's vibes. It's a great place to chill with friends or just grab a quick bite to eat. "Table for two". It made me wish I had some café or Diner to hangout with my friends after school, summer time, and during finals week as a study date spot. For instance Riverdale. The new hit show on the CW channel. There is a diner named "Pops" where the locals and the students of Riverdale High go to discuss business or just to hang with friends. Getting back on In-N-Out I give the burger joint a 5 star rating.

until next post babes


Via Instagram: @avamohsochic

Photo By: Ava M

Via Instagram: @avamohsochic

My brother Jax and I, Posing with our strawberry shakes. Cheers!

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