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Real Queens fix each others crowns! Girl Power!

Being a girl can be hard at times. I love being a girl there's no doubt about it. But other girls can be vicious little... Mean girls. That's it... Mean girls. The world is full of them. I've had my fair share of knowing them. I can spot one from a mile away. And the funny thing is, they can be someone really close to you. Instead of ripping each other a part word by word, and action by action we should be supporting one another. I hope each girl reading this takes something away from this blog post. Here's three things you should take away from this:

1. Don't be mean just for the fun of it, don't give into peer pressure. Use your own words, be your own person! Be a leader not a follower!

2. Ignoring someone and leaving someone out is cruel. Take a moment and put yourself in the other persons shoes.

3. Last but not least... Love yourself! Every single girl needs to love herself. 90% of girls are mean to other girls because 1. They don't love who they are 2. They're jealous of another girl or 3. They are hurting inside and dealing with things behind closed doors.

Spread the love babes! Peace • Love• Happiness

The Future is Female!

Until next post babes

Xoxo Ava M.

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