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New Year, New Cuisine! :)

Hi babes, today's post is all about healthy meals for the new year. Cheers to a clean healthy lifestyle! Thank you @TracyDesignMyLife for making these delish meals. I hope you babes enjoy these meal ideas.

Meal One

Salmon Salad: Fresh cut lettuce, Salmon, tomatoes, and Organic tortilla strips

Meal two: Turkey burger on a lettuce leaf, topped off with a tomato. Sides include: Roasted potatoes, zucchini noodles & green beans.

Meal three: omelette topped off with tomatoes. Sides include roasted potatoes and green beans. Great meal for Breakfast, brunch, even dinner.

Meal four: Chicken Pasta, Organic chicken and noodles, with tomato's.

Meal five: This meal is a yummy breakfast treat! Blueberry, Banana, pancakes!

What a great way to start your morning.

Meal six: Turkey Leaf burgers: Instead of cow meat, I prefer turkey meat. Still juicy and delicious, just healthier. I do love a good toasted, buttery, bun, not this time. Take your turkey burger and wrap it in a fresh lettuce leaf! Absolutely to die for!

I hope you babes get some inspiration from the meals up above! Cheers to a healthy year!

until next post babes