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Motivation Monday :)

Hi babes! Long time, no talk. Today is Monday which means time to get motivated! In two words take action. Quite often we think about all the things we want to do for so long that none of them get done. My suggestion is to start small. For example you can start with trying a new dish, read the first chapter of your book, organize your closet, or workout on the commercial breaks to your favorite T.V. show. Here are my top 3 picks for Motivation Monday. ;)

1. Read at least 3 chapters of my summer reading book

2. What better way to start your week off with healthy eating! I had a fruit bowl for breakfast today and it was absolutely delicious, & filling!

Drum roll please....

3. Be active! Sitting on your couch watching Netflix for the whole entire week is not always the best idea! Go out 'n about! Grab the girls, take on the city of stars. For some fun hangout spots checkout my blog post "Fun things to do in the Houston area!

Contact me with your top 3 picks for Motivation Monday babes! I'd love to hear!

Until next post babes