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New New :) Photography & Flim!

Hi babes! I hope everyone had a fabulous 1st week of school! Due to the weather I only had 3 days this week! I'm not complaining! But do keep in mind we are off of school because of hurricane warnings, just make sure to be careful and use common sense ;). Any who today's post is all about my new offer I'm adding to my photography business. A lot of kids at my school are oh so talented and would love to start a YouTube, I've asked some of them why they haven't and there answers are "I don't have a camera". I've decided to help you guys out! :) I am now offering filming sessions  to my photography business.

The process: 

1. Contact me: 

2nd: What's your channel about?

There are many different you tubers, such as, Beauty Gurus, gamers, musicians, DIY geniuses, comedians, etc. In the contact box above tell me what your channel is all about :)

3rd: Subscribe!

My schedule: Friday's & Saturday's

Your first session will be a *Free* trial, ( an intro to your channel, if you already have a YouTube one video of your choice topic.) For every other session my rate is $25 per hour.

If interested in a photo shoot follow the same procedures shown above. ( Besides the YouTube stuff ;) My rate is $10 per hour 

I can't wait to work with you babes! 

Until next post babes

XOXO Ava M.