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My 1st week of Highschool outfit of the day's!

Hello babes, today's post is all about my 1st week of highschool! Transitioning from summer to back to school can be tricky, but making the jump from junior high to high school isn't all that bad. A lot of people tell you it's complicated, challenging, and stressful. I find it quite exciting! And after this post so will you. Since I only had 3 days of school this week, I'll be showing you my three outfit of the day's, and give you 3 tips to go with each OOTD! XOXO ;)

1st DAY!: I like to be comfortable, but still cute. So this look was perfect for the first day of getting around the crowd of people.

Tip#1: Walk into your high School with your head held high! Confidence is key!

Tip#2: If you think positive thoughts your day with turn out just like your thoughts... Positive! #GoodVibesOnly!!!

Tip#3: Cute outfits are the way to go! I know sweatpants and Nike's are comfortable, but you can always be comfortable & cute. The best of both worlds!

Jump suit: Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes: Steve Madden

2nd Day: This is how you can take a basic white T-shirt and make it pop!

Tip#1: Have confidence, in not only yourself, your outfit!

Tip#2: Be a trendsetter! When it comes to fashion you have to be a Leader not a follower!

Tip#3: Fashion is one of the many styles of art. It shows expression. Do your outfit scream Girly Girl, Tomboy, grunge, chic, or a mixture of all 4!

Tunic: Forever21

Jeans: Kohls

Shoes: Vans

Choker: Nordstrom

Day3: For my last day I decided to rock one of my all time favorite looks, a dress & choice sneaker.

Tip#1: Have fun with your outfits! Don't be afraid to take chances and step out of the box!

Tip#2: Make sure to follow your school's dress-code. Some are more strict than others, & it would totally suck if you got dress-coded in your adorable outfit. If your on the edge about an outfit than bring a back up dress or skirt, or just play it safe with Jeans & cute top tucked away in your backpack.

Tip#3: Respect other girls outfits! Everyone has their own sense of style, respect that! Throughout your day go up to someone and compliment them on their look! They might be nervous or unsure about their outfit, your compliment can have an impact on their day, even their life! One act of kindness goes a long way!

Jean Jacket: Old Navy

Dress: Forever21

Choker's: Nordstrom

Shoes: Vans

I hope you babes enjoyed this post! For outfit inspiration head over to my fashion category and checkout some of my fav OOTD'S! I love you babes! Share your fav OOTD's with the hashtag #ootdWithAvaMadison on twitter, & Instagram @avamohsochic Cheers to a fabulous school year!

Until next post babes,


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