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Hello 2018! Cheers!

Hi babes, Happy New Year! I can't believe 2017 is over, but indeed it is. With this blog post, I'm parting ways with all strife, sadness, hard feelings, and lost friendships of 2017. Despite some losses, other amazing things did come out of 2017 for me! New friends, memories I will cherish forever, and my blog! A lot can happen within a year, you can loose friends you thought were your forever friends, you can change for the better or for the worse, you can learn and grow. I personally did a lot of reflecting in 2017. I learned who my true friends were, and those true friends were there all along. I also saw a side of myself that I've grown to love. I experienced growth as my confidence and independence flourished. I found the strength to stand alone at a time when there was just me, myself, and I. Thank you 2017 for showing me those things. Thank you for opening my eyes to see that things will only get better and better.

Dear, 2018

This is the year of good vibes only! Love, happiness, and peace this year for sure. You are the year of opportunity 2018! Entering this year with an open mind, an open heart, knowing anything is possible. I'm ready for ya 2018, I'm ready!

Yours truly,

Ava Madison xoxo

May your year be full of Joy, happiness, love, and laughter babes!

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