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A Crush.

Hi babes! Today's post is all about "A Crush." Whether you would like to admit it or not, you and I both have a crush on somebody. Look around, they could be one step away from you at this very moment in time or maybe sitting one table over in the cafeteria, or it could be that special someone who you "accidentally" bumped into as you rushed to class.

I know because as I'm typing this post my crush and his green eyes are looking right at me...okay well if a paused T.V. screen counts that has a "Sign of the Times" video on; then yes, Harry Styles is my crush... Well, he's one of them anyway.

This article is just something to ease the mood because I know the butterflies that are swirling in your stomach appeared as soon as you read the title. It's a funny feeling, isn't it? The feeling you get as soon as that boy or girl walks into the room. I'm quite familiar with this feeling. The first time I ever experienced a stomach turning, emotional rollercoaster was in 7th grade.

He was so cute. Almost like a character from a movie. A dork...but a cute dork!

Besides Troy Bolton, he was my first crush. The first boy I actually really liked. Now I know all of you are probably wondering who the dreamboat was, but that's a secret I'll never tell, ( Gossip Girl reference). Incidentally, my crush turned out to be anything but a "dreamboat"!

It's funny but I never spoke of him to my friends. My school was too messy and craved gossip and drama, much like every other school, and I knew my so called "besties" couldn't have top secret information of mine on their tongues.

Why is it so hard for us to talk to our crushes?

I'll tell you why...

When girls like a boy, we obsess over every little thing! It's all in the details our hair, our nails, our outfits, whether or not our crush even notices us. Ughhhhhh!! Has he liked my latest post? Has he viewed my snap? Has he commented on anything....anything at all?!!! It's all so maddening. And who can we even talk about it all with? Who can we trust with our most important emotions? It's all so much to deal with on top of Shakespeare, equations, tutorials, extra curriculars, etc.

To all you guys out there, this is what we want:

First things first... Talk, talk, talk to us!!!!! Actually say hello in person, if you happen to be too scared of public rejection, then test the waters with a snap or text or yes... even a DM.

Chances are we're just waiting for you to approach us, the worst that could happen is we end up becoming friends and setting you up with a girlfriend you'd actually be more compatible with. See, it's harmless!!!!

We're harmless!!!! And usually we've dropped a hint or two that you need to pick up. For instance, if we "accidentally" send you a message or walk over to your lunch table to talk to "a friend", or smile at you, or ask for your help on a school project we might just be dropping a hint!!!!

I hope you babes enjoyed this post,

Big thanks to my fabulous mom for co-writing this article with me! I love you @TracyDesignMyLife

Until next post,