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Homecoming ( Audience: High School Boys)

Hi babes, it's that time of year again! Homecoming is just around the corner! Guys are consulting with their grandmothers, dads, older siblings, and moms.... about what you ask? About Homecoming proposals!!! That's right, Homecoming!

Today's article is simply for my guys out there wondering, how to ask a potential date to homecoming this year.

Well guys... be creative! Pay attention to her social media, as well as activities in and out of school. What is she into? Music? Photography? Fashion? Sports? Keep in mind the way you ask is what counts, who you ask really counts!

Don't be nervous! A girl can tell when you’re  nervous and scared. If you go into the homecoming proposal confident, and sure of yourself,  then you and the girl will both feel comfortable without awkward vibes and nervous energy.

I also recommend asking your potential date in private. I know that I would feel more comfortable in the privacy of my own home rather than the school cafeteria or the school hallway.  Something sweet and small is just perfect! A huge gesture isn't always key.

So who should you ask? Well of course it makes perfect sense to ask someone you're "friends" with. But could you.....should you...ask that girl you're crushing on but haven't really talked to yet? I say, YES! Why not?!!!

So if there's someone you're crushing on and they don't seem totally into someone else or have a boyfriend already then go for it! I believe in you!

Another thing that I think is a key factor is to ask early! One thing that I constantly here about homecoming is, "It was so awkward, my date and I barley talked." I recommend asking early so you and your date can hangout before the dance. This way you can hangout with her and her friends without the awkwardness. If you need ideas on what to do with your date before the dance see the list below.

Places you can go:


-A movie...( with a group if you want)

-Out to eat

-Study Date at a local coffee shop,etc....

I hope you babes enjoyed this article and found the advice helpful!

Remember you'll never know, unless you try!

Thank You @TracyDesignMyLife for co-writing another great article with me! 

Until next post babes,