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My 2nd Annual Galentines / Sweet 16!!!

Hi babes, today's post is all about My 2nd Annual Galentine's Day Party and the importance behind the oh so fab event! Hope you enjoy, xo Av.

The reason I started my Annual Galentine's Day Celebration is because I’m so blessed for the amazing girls in my life I get to call Gal Pals. It’s my way of showcasing my love for each one of my friendships with each and every single girl. I love Galentines so much I consider it a holiday now! It’s one of my fav things I throw out of the whole year, and it’s a great way to bring in the New Year. Boys are cool and all but, your gals are your gals through thick & thin. I believe everyone should celebrate Galentine's whether it’s just you and your best 3 gals hanging out watching chick flicks and eating candy, you and friends going out to dinner, or if you're throwing a party. It can be whatever, all that matters is you and your gals are enjoying a good laugh, sharing stories that make you laugh and cry, jamming out to your fav Girl Power Anthem...Karaoke anyone? Just LOVE one another, SUPPORT one another, be KIND to one another, be HAPPY for one another, be THERE for one another. I believe in the power of girls!!!

Also, huge shout out to my fav gal of all time: @TracyDesignMyLife!!! Thank you mommy for creating a pink-a-licious world for my gals and I! I love you with all of my heart and none of this could be possible without you!!! You are the one who has always taught me to empower other girls and never let my voice or any other girls be silenced. Thank you for everything mommy!!! Also my outfit and everything from the cakes, decoration, and party favor were all styled by my talented mother, AKA your fav event planner! Here’s her info to contact her for your own Galentines or any other event! @TracyDesignMyLife on Instagram! And @DesignLifedureedevie Business email:

So here’s a look inside my 2nd Annual Galentines party!!! I also made my Galentines my Sweet16 this year! Thank you to each and every one of my gorgeous gal pals for celebrating a night I will always remember!!! The Future is US ladies!! Much love Av! XOXO

MY Look for the night:

Styled by:


Party Details:

Party favors and Party food!


Meet My Gals:

Box1: Maya & Lexi

Box 2: Reese

Box3: Ava & Morgan

Morgan, Ava, Lauren, & Maddy

Kailey, Emma, & Stephanie

Sydney, Ashley, & Cassidy

Hailey, Cassie, Maggie, Mckenzie, Chloe, & Ashley

Paige, Breanna, & Maddy

So many good vibes!! I felt so loved! Thank gorgeous gals! XOXO

How cute! Each gal left with a pair of Kitty Kat ears and a sweet treat.

" Kitty Kat" power!

I also thought it would be a cute feature

to print out pics for everyone to take home, with the help of my canon photo printer I made that happen!

A huge thanks to my fabulous, fun, gorgeous mom! Thank you for another fun time! You're the life of the party!

More party pics:

Thank you to my mom's Gal Pals who helped out, Love ya'll!

Ms. Britney, Ms. Mandy, My Mom, and My Aunt Yiana.

A letter to my Gals:

Dear Gal Pals, Remember that each one of you are loved.

Remember that I am here to talk to

Remember that you are strong and can get through any obstacle life throws your way.

Remember that you are bound to do extraordinary things throughout your life.

Remember that you have so much Sparkle and Shine.

Remember to be kind and share your GIRL POWER with others. Remember to keep your head, heels, and standards high!

Remember that you are courageous, smart, important, wise, ambitious, Gorgeous, brave, sassy, and POWERFUL. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

And last but not least....

Remember that you have a friend that loves and appreciates you!

Much love,

Ava M.

Until next post... XOXO Ava M.

To all my internet Gal Pals, if you ever need anyone to talk to chat with me through my social Media platforms @avamohsochic or my email:, Everyone deserves a Gal Pal they can chat with! XOXO

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