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He's Just Not That Into You.

I've had my fair share of crushes. And they all have one thing in common...they've all crushed me.

There, I said it and I'll say it again.

They crushed Me.

But they didn't break me.

Like Ari said "One taught me love, one taught me patience, now I'm so amazing." I just don't get it. Am I just repulsive? I'm going with a big fat No!!! Call me cocky, but in the words of Paris Hilton..."I'm a sexy bit**h", I mean...I am! And the most important thing is, I know it! I know that I'm a straight up catch and anybody would be lucky to call me the Gabriella to their Troy Bolton.

I mean I just don't get you. You and I avoid each other at all cost, you send mixed signals but, it's whatever. I catch you looking at me when you think no one is watching....hmmn. But after everything, you would think we could be friends! And the craziest thing is I DON'T EVEN GET WHY I LIKED YOU. I feel like I don't even know you. But, all I have to say to you, and you know who you are, "you'll never know." So... thank you for ditching me on what was supposed to be the start of a great friendship. Thank you for being intimidated by my outgoing, fabulous personality. You really let all of my oooh la la intimidate ya.

Now, I didn't write this post to call you out and make you feel bad...okay well that statement is half true #SORRY NOT SORRY. I wrote this article because as social as I am, sometimes my words sound better on paper or in this case through the screen of my laptop. Like Taylor Swift has her love songs, I have my blog posts.

Thank you babes for allowing me to share a more vulnerable side of myself in this blog post. :)

Oh and P.S. Why is it that out of town boys just can't stop chatting me up! They shower me with attention, texts, and calls, but I can't even get a simple coffee date in my neck of the woods? Texas boys seem to be a little cowardly...oops I said it. #SORRY NOT SORRY

until my next post,


Ava M.