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The WORST Night Of My Life.


What I thought was going to be a fun night with some of my “friends” turned out to be a disappointing experience filled with bad vibes. And my admiration for some individuals I considered to be my friends, went down the drain with this shitty shitty night.

As I walked up the driveway to the backyard of my friends' house I felt awkward since I was in my bikini.... a rather tiny bikini top, perfectly appropriate for a pool's just that...well...I have boobs and have never been in a setting with this particular group wearing such little clothing. Keep in mind, it was a pool party. As I got closer to the sound of laughter and excitement, I gathered my confidence and every ounce of bravery within me, although I was feeling even more anxious about the looks my bikini would render me. I finally reached the gate, tossed my Rolling Stones T-shirt to the side with my other belongings and joined everyone in the pool.

They had been playing this game called "human soup". To me, it was absurd but you know me, participation is my middle an extent that is. Plus, I already felt out of place, so sitting on the sideline wasn't my thing. The game is basically a group of people in a circle, one person in the middle getting face felt up by person with eyes closed until they guess who it is. Not my cup of tea...AT ALLLLLL. But the two rounds I decided to play were actually kind of amusing. After that last round I swam to the edge of the pool just being observant of everyone still in the game. Some turned and mouthed to me "are you alright?" as a way of checking on me, I responded with an "all good". I was just tired and had a headache from being in the blazing sun all day.

Good was far from what I was unknowingly about to be.

After the pool games ended, the rest of the party joined me for more conversation and games out of the pool that allowed us to get warm and dry. Little did I know people were coming for me. During the game of "paranoia" someone asked, "when you graduate who do you never want to see again?"

First of all, what a horrid question to ask. Second of all, what a horrid question to answer. All I can say is, I wouldn't have answered it. But, the recipient did... and "Ava" was his answer. I could see the shock on the faces of the rest of the group. I just sat there. This person was supposed to be my friend. Actually both the person who asked and the person who answered were supposed to be my friends. Some of you might say, "Its just a game, get over it Ava!" But, I have something to say about that; what if it was your name and not mine? You could put on a macho man act and laugh it off but, my feelings were hurt. Honestly that very moment made me want to say goodbye to this entire group forever if it meant being around those cold hearted people.

When I finally got home, I shed a few tears, took a hot shower and washed off the dreadful night that occurred.

Watch what you say and who you say it to because if answering one stupid question to a stupid game is worth loosing a friend...I suggest you have some time in self reflection mode.

Thank you babes for listening to me, my feelings, and my thoughts.

Until next post,


Ava M.