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My Favorite Looks From Carrie Bradshaw & Signature Accessories

Since the time our favorite sitcoms aired such as The Jefferson's, Seinfeld, Girlfriends, Friends, Frasier, and so many more of these beloved shows have been passed through generations. Daughters, mothers, even grandmothers have all laughed, cried, and enjoyed the same iconic television series. HBO aired the pilot of a show in 1998 that would change the lives of women and girls forever. This show had fashion, friendship, romance, heartbreak, commentary that would never be forgotten, and a city that would be loved forever.

Sex And The City was the beginning of an unforgettable era.

Four Women...Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones

(Kim Cattrall), Charlotte York ( Kristin Davis), and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) graced our television screens portraying lives of women in New York City. Maintaining relationships with their busy work schedules, attending fabulous events and girls trips, while portraying what real friendships and girl power look like is Sex And The City!

I admire the show for a plethora of reasons, the friendship between the four women being one...the fashion...oh THE FASHION kept me and all other million viewers on our toes.

All four of the women had their own unique style but it was definitely Carrie's wardrobe that stole the show. It wasn't just Sarah Jessica Parker's (Carrie Bradshaw's) fun loose curly hair and sassy personality the audience was her wardrobe that became a staple of the HBO series.

This article is dedicated to not only all of my Sex And The City fans but also to Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the cast for serving looks all six seasons.

Thank you Carrie Bradshaw for being one of my style icons next to my fabulous mother @TracyDesignMyLife and my writing inspiration.

Carrie's style embodied classy, sassy, yet sometimes a girly, frilly side, not to mention sexy, fun, spunky, and unique touches. From the looks that graced the streets of Carrie's playground...New York, to the Hollywood Hills in season 2, to her iconic tulle skirt taking on Paris in season 6. Through it all, I've chosen my favorite looks by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw.

(All Pictures are Via Instagram and Pintrest)

1. The Iconic Intro

The look viewers first lay eyes on was the pink (bra-less) tank, white tulle skirt and strappy high heels during the series intro which remained the intro for all six seasons. Carries fluffy curls and bubbly yet sexy ensemble was the start of it all.

2. The Classic Fur

From season one to the first Sex And The City Feature Film, Carrie's lavish fur would become a staple in her wardrobe throughout the series. Whether it was at a baseball game, a stroll through the park, or a cold winters night...the fur would make appearance after appearance.

3. Vintage Gucci

No matter what the occasion, Carrie always dressed to impress. This sexy black mini was worn when Carrie meets her girlfriends at one of their spots in the city. Carrie pairs this look with a vintage Gucci bag, another statement piece throughout earlier seasons.

4. Boho Meets Cowboy Chic

In season two Carrie and her girls take a trip to the Hampton's where she runs into Mr. Big while in a different style of attire. This was personally one of my fav looks from Carrie.

5. Classic White Slip Dress