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Celebrity Style Guide: How to dress like Jodie, Dakota, Zoë, Jennifer, & Emrata This Fall!

Hello babes! I hope this article finds you well!
During this time of year many find excitement from the leaves changing, Halloween movie marathons, carving pumpkins, restaurants adding anything and everything pumpkin flavored on their menu, and the sensational fall weather that lands right on October 1st! Aside from that, I get giddy over the fashion during this time of year! From knee-high boots, scarves, patterned tights, cozy sweaters, oversized sweatshirts, blazers, hats, and layers, upon layers, planning your fall look book is pure bliss! And the best thing is, your fall looks will seamlessly carry through the seasons. Alternate your lighter layers with heavier layers as the temperature drops.

Finding your personal style can be tricky but like I've said in a past article "Staple Pieces In My Wardrobe" when you build your wardrobe on items of clothing as simple as a white crop top, assembling looks will become easy. Take a look at your closet and see what you have. If you see more than one blazer in your closet, there's a chance you like yourself a snazzy blazer! You can add your blazers to your list of staple pieces my friend. Besides pulling inspiration from your current style, celebrities are great sources to gain fashion inspiration from.

From retro-chic, edgy punk, sophisticated chic, to New York street style, these ladies know a thing or two about being on-trend and creating them! Today I've styled 5 looks for you babes inspired by a few of my favorite fashionistas. I hope you discover a few fashion takeaways from this post and recreate the following looks.

1. Dakota Johnson

2. Jodie Turner-Smith

3. Jennifer Lawrence

4. Emily Ratajknowski aka Emrata

5. Zoë Kravitz

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