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My Q&A W/ My Dad

Hi babes,

Welcome back to my segment "Q&A w/ My special guest." Today's guest is one of my favorite people on planet earth! He's the lip sync battle king, my carpool karaoke buddy, the man who only speaks "Words to the wiser", the man in baseball caps and aviators, this special guest is my superhero. 

In honor of it being Father's Day I interviewed Father of the year, my Daddy-O, Keith G. Francis Jr.! 

Without further a do, here's my interview with my Dad!

Ava: Thanks for doing this daddy-o, ya ready?

Dad: Yes ma'am

Ava: First question, What is your fav thing to do when you have free time?

Dad: I definitely like my me time, mmm let's see... listening to music, working out, and spending time with my family.

Ava: Tea or Coffee?

Dad: depends on the mood, late night tea, early morning...

Ava: Coffee!

We shared a couple of laughs after I finished his sentence. What can I say I know my dad.

Ava: Concerts or a movie?

Dad: Depends on the mood.

Ava: Daddy when do you go to concerts?

Dad: When I take my kids, but that is something I would like to do more in the future with just me and your mom.

Ava:  Do you want to see Harry Styles with me when he goes on tour again? 

Dad: No, no, no...I'm talking about people I like. But if I had a go to I enjoy cinema.

Ava: But really thank you for bringing Jax and I to see our fav artist live, especially going with me to Justin Bieber in 7th grade you really gained coolest dad points for that one.

Ava: What are your top 3 favorite movies?

Dad: Man that's a tough one man, Remember the Titans is classic another one would be Coming To America I mean...I have so many. These are only some of my favorites I couldn't necessarily say all of them I would have to think about it. I like Harlem Nights, School Days, Boomerang etc.

Ava: Those are great and definitely in the hall of fame for movies of black cinema.

Ava : Who is your fav writer?

Dad: Somebody who really impacted me growing up and helped formulate my thought process around certain things in life,  would be Langston Hughes.

Ava: That's a good one. He's probably touched many people with his inspiring words and testimonies. 

And that was Pt.1 of my Q&A with  my dad I loved sitting down and talking with my best friend. I just wanted to say I love you more than you know daddy and appriciate everything you do for me, mommy, and Jax. You are the strongest, wisest, man I know. Thank you for treating me like a princess but raising me like a prince. Thank you for respecting me as an independent young women and showing how a man is suppose to treat myself and other women. Thank you for supporting my dreams and aspirations and never giving up on me. Myself and my subscribers send you a Happy Father's Day! I love you!!!! 

Sending a Happy Father's Day to the other amazing Dads out there!

Until next post babes,


Ava M.

Pt.2 of my Q&A with my dad will be coming soon!