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Movies of summer 2017!

Hi babes, Today's blog post is all about movies  of  the summer. I saw quite a few movies this summer and I've decided to do a review on each blockbuster. I hope you babes enjoy!

Movie One: Everything, Everything 

I absolutely loved this Romantic drama.  It was a great summer flick.  The movie is about an 18-year-old   Maddy ( Amanda Stenberg) who is an eager, smart, girl who is incapable of leaving her protective, hermetically-sealed house do to an illness since birth. A boy Olly ( Nick Robinson) moves in next door and will do anything to be with Maddy. Even if that means only communicating through text. I thought the movie was an adorable teen romance with a modern twist. I give the teen flick a 5 star rating!

Movie Two: Wonder Woman 

This movie was perfect timing in the box office, knowing that the year of 2017 screams girl power! Let me just say Gal Gadot Slayed as the superhero icon Wonder Woman. Before she was Wonder Woman, She was Diana princess of the Amazons. In this kick butt flim, Diana meets a American pilot ( Chris Pine) who mentions the war back in the outside world of Diana's sheltered, secure, safe, island. I give the sci-fi fantasy a rating of 5 stars.

Movie Three: Spider-Man Homecoming

Marvel never seems to disappoint! The new and improved Peter Parker ( Tom Holland) is a new take on spider man. Still the Same spidey suit with some new minor tech adjustments by Peter's mentor Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.) and a happier,  charming, Peter Parker was my favorite part about the Summer smash. Also I can't forget the fabulous Zendaya as MJ who is MJ! Can anyone say Love connection between Peter and Michele?! I give our friendly neighborhood Spider Man a rating of 5 stars!

Movie Four: Dunkirk 

This Christopher Nolan film was absolutely fantastic. The War world two flick gives off major silent film vibes. I will say I did go see the film just to see Mr. Harry Styles who plays the intense ( Alex)  along with his cost-star, Fionn Whitehead who plays the anxious ( Tommy), the film was filled with many talented faces. The movie brought a piece of 1940 to 2017. I give the movie a 5 star rating!

Movie Five: Baby Driver

Buckle up babes your in for a fast, and furious, thriller! The movie stars the charming Ansel Elgort as ( Baby) a talented getaway driver who depends on the sound of his personal soundtrack to be focused while on the job. The movie also stars the lovely Lily James who plays Ansel's love interest ( Deborah). From the music to Ansel's little dance moves here and there, I give the movie a 5 star rating! Sit back, and enjoy the ride... I mean movie! 

Movie Six: Pirates of the Caribbean,Dead Men  Tell No Tales:

I thought the film was good. Not my favorite  film by the oh so talented Johnny Depp himself, but I guess if you're a lover of the former movies in the successful franchise, then you will definitely enjoy the adventures, action, film. I give the movie a 4 star rating.

I hope you babes enjoyed my little review on the best movies of summer 2017! If you saw any of the six films tell me your opinion. I hope everyone had a Fabulous, relaxing, fun, adventurous, summer! It's back to the books and waking up at 5:00Am for me! :( 

Until next post babes


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